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Your garden the way you want it.

Our Gardening Services

Pruning and Planting

If you love how your garden looks, it's generally because you have a great selection of plants that are positioned and pruned to look at their best. We are on hand to help you achieve that for your garden. Depending on your location, size of garden, type of soil, how much gardening you want to do (and many other factors), Sarah helps identify the plants that are perfect for you and gets them planted for you. She is on hand to help with ongoing tidying and pruning so your garden always looks a picture.


24226036 - a well landscaped and manicured hedge of bushes with mulch and grass in a step pattern
Hedge Trimming

Hedges make lovely boundaries to gardens, but they can be labour intensive a couple of times a year when they get overgrown and need a trim! We have a selection of hedge trimmers and shears (to use on laurels), always have a ladder and always use sheets to collect the clippings to save time in the tidying up stage. We rake up all the garden waste so your hedge looks like it's had a cut.

weeding and tidying gardening Barnstaple, North Devon
Weeding and Tidying

Whether it's a basic tidying service for your garden, or regular maintenance you can be sure we know our weeds from our wisteria! For gardens that have been left to run riot for a month or 2 (or even 10 or 12!) we can help. If you need to get ivy into check, remove branches from over-sized shrubs, clear a bed of over-grown weeds. you will be amazed at some of the treasures that are revealed and can be used in your super tidy garden. Call us in for a one off garden tidy or at regular intervals when the weeds are growing!


cleaning terrace with a power washer - high water pressure cleaner on wooden terrace surface
Power Washing

Sometimes the outside starts looking a bit green during the winter months, which may come from a build up of algae on paths, decking, driveways and garden furniture. Stay safe by getting a power wash booked in to removes moss and slime from the surface.

74096138 - lawn mower on green grass
Grass Cutting & Strimming

Nothing looks nicer than a freshly mowed lawn, with or without stripes. We have a petrol hover or petrol rotary mower with grass collecting box, so we don't need an electric supply, or for you to be at home. During the summer months we can mow as frequently as you would like and as the weather allows. We can supply a holiday cover service if you are heading off on a long break and also use your ride on mower. We also help with strimming of banks, long grass in paddocks and hedges. 


Flowers on a tree
Orchard Management

If you have a single pear tree, a selection of fruit trees or a collection of apple trees, we can help with their pruning, planting and management of the space. Restorative and formative pruning will apply to every tree regardless of their age and pruning is vital to ensuring a good crop and overall health of the tree. Phone for more details.

Some Frequenly Asked Questions

Is your work insured? - Yes we have public liability insurance cover for all the work we do.

Do you take garden waste away? - No, disposal of garden waste can be very expensive. We will always use a customers compost heap, or a green bin supplied by the council, or bag the waste so you can take it to the tip.

Are your a trained gardener? - No but I have gardened for over 40 years and learned so much from Granny Tess over the years. I do attend sessions at Rosemoor every month so I can learn new things and be inspired!

Do you work on your own? - I work with or without my customers,  and can bring in other skilled team members when there is more work to do or work needs to be completed to a deadline.

Which area of North Devon do you cover? - A lot of my customers are based in the Taw Valley and Barnstaple but I do consider traveling further a afield for bigger and interesting projects.


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