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Our Gardening Services


Garden Restoration

Is your garden looking forlorn, with special plants now hidden, and borders blurred by an unruly grass patch? A garden can quickly adopt an unloved appearance but regular garden maintenance will quickly restore this. But there's a silver lining—those precious plants are still there, often ready to thrive once again with care and encouragement. I can offer a realistic view of the plants you have and outline the steps needed to restore your garden's beauty and structure.


24226036 - a well landscaped and manicured hedge of bushes with mulch and grass in a step pattern

Hedge Trimming

Hedges serve as natural and wildlife friendly borders for gardens. They enhance the aesthetic appeal of any outdoor space. However, they require regular maintenance, at specific times of year to ensure they don't become unruly and overgrown. We offer hedge trimming for tackling beech, hornbeam, photinia, laurels, hawthorn and other robust plants. Safety is paramount in our work, so we always use ladders for those hard-to-reach areas, ensuring a thorough and even cut.


Pruning and Shrub Care

Transform your garden into a picturesque paradise with our expert gardening services.  We are dedicated to maintaining the health and beauty of your shrubs and plants. Sarah considers multiple factors—like your location, aspect, planned use and garden size to select and plant the ideal flora for your space. Then she provides ongoing maintenance, weeding and pruning, to ensure your garden remains a stunning display throughout the seasons.



cleaning terrace with a power washer - high water pressure cleaner on wooden terrace surface

Preparation for Parties

Transform your garden into the ideal venue for unforgettable family gatherings. Whether it's a summer pizza party, a wedding or an anniversary celebration, with careful timing, strategic forward planning, and the expertise of Mrs. P, you can craft the perfect garden backdrop for any event.

weeding and tidying gardening Barnstaple, North Devon

Weeding and Tidying

At Mrs P's, we excel in identifying the unwanted weeds from the stunning wisteria! Our passion is rejuvenating gardens that have been neglected, watching them come back to life through our dedicated efforts. We specialize in forensic weeding, clearing ivy and reducing oversized shrubs, restoring borders and uncovering hidden gems. We’re keen to recommend plants that will flourish in your garden.



Flowers on a tree

Orchard Management

Whether you're cultivating a single pear tree, nurturing a diverse array of fruit trees, or managing an orchard apple trees, our expert services cover all aspects of pruning, planting, and orchard management. From December to March, we specialise in both restorative and formative pruning tailored to trees of any age, ensuring optimal health and fruit production. Contact us today to improve the vitality and appearance of your trees.

Some Frequenly Asked Questions

Is your work insured? - Yes we have public liability insurance cover for all the work we do.

Do you take garden waste away? - No, disposal of garden waste can be very expensive. We will always use a customer's compost heap, or a green bin supplied by the council, or bag the waste so you can take it to the tip.

Are you a trained gardener? - No but I have gardened for over 40 years and learned so much from Granny Tess over the years. I do attend sessions at Rosemoor every month so I can learn new things and be inspired!

Do you work on your own? - I work with or without my customers and bring in other skilled team members.

Which area of North Devon do you cover? - A lot of my customers are based in the Taw Valley and Barnstaple but I do consider travelling further afield for bigger and interesting projects.

Helpful Links

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